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From Notre Dame in Paris we will walk three days to Chartres. We will visit the cathedral there and hear inspirational guided tours with Gernot Candolini and do singing together with Jennifer Brandon.


Mo, 9. Mai 2016, 17:00  bis  So, 15. Mai 2016, 08:00

Paris - Chartres

Our tour guide will be Gernot Candolini who walked several times from Paris to Chartres leading pilgrim groups. He is one of the world leading writers about the labyrinth. He is a great storyteller and wise interpreter of the stories of our Christian heritage. He will introduce the wisdom of the labyrinth and the deep symbolic and spiritual message of the Cathedral of Chartres. Through the beauty of her voice, Jennifer Brandon will lead us in song throughout the week to open our hearts to the songs that lie within us, connecting us to the experiences along our path and with each other. In her work as a music teacher and a church musician, Jennifer helps people find and embrace their voices so they may bring to full expression the beauty that lies within them.


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